Contact: Mrs. Laura Ward-Moran

Intended for the serious dancer, the College Preparatory Dance Program offers a four-year college preparatory dance program as part of the school curriculum. Classes are held five days a week and include Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance Technique. Dance Seminar is also offered, exposing dancers to studies in Dance Science, History and Composition. Each class is graded, holds academic credit, and is included in tuition. Dancers perform in two concerts per year, while also attending select off-campus events. John Carroll is an Institutional Member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and holds a National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) Chapter, which allows program dancers to work toward induction into the NHSDA. An audition is required, as our program is highly selective and intended for students with an existing background in dance.


The John Carroll School College Preparatory Dance Program

Mission Statement

The John Carroll School College Preparatory Dance Program has been established to provide conservatory level dance education in an academic setting by offering a curriculum of classes geared toward correcting and perfecting technique all while maintaining the proper balance of classes, performing, and cross-training to prevent burn-out, overuse, and mental fatigue. Our program is structured to support proper dancer development within a realistic schedule that will keep dancers dancing longer, and stronger. The core curriculum we provide in dance provides those who wish, the opportunity to study dance in college by being well prepared technically, academically, and mentally for the next level of dance education. Our college preparatory academic based approach to dance education creates dancers who have a broad perspective of the world and are supported socially, cognitively, physically, and emotionally. Our dancers train technically, explore the depth of dance through history and science, and push their boundaries while finding their artistic voice to become the next generation of dancers.

Learn more about College Preparatory Dance in our brochure.