Contact: Mrs. Kelly Roiy

Since 1990, the school has supported students with documented learning differences, recognizing that each student has a unique approach to learning fostered by individual learning styles and previous experiences, and that all students can succeed if provided with the appropriate support and necessary accommodations. The St. Joseph Program was formalized in 2015 to meet the growing needs of these students and it exists to foster success in every individual by not just supporting students in establishing strategies and goals, but by teaching self-advocacy in the achievement of these goals. Students enrolled in this application-only program have access to support from a highly qualified staff as well as individual and group tutoring. We also offer a dedicated space to engage in group discussions or work on projects, a classroom that facilitates kinesthetic learning and a quiet-distraction-free testing room and accommodations. A close partnership between teachers, counselors and parents keeps students on track to excel.

Learn more about the St. Joseph Program in our brochure.